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I recently had the honour of photographing Rebecca Womersley’s graduate collection. Her designs, that feature an unexpected pairing of 1800s silhouettes and influences of fetish culture, made an exciting subject to photograph. Rebecca says that the basis of her work was inspired by her fascination of the female body and deep-rooted issues of misogyny and objectification, where her collection “portrays a message of strength and empowerment”. Rebecca Womersley wanted to “highlight the need for change and spark conversations about gender equality and the diverse experiences of women, creating a new visual language on how women are perceived”. Her graduate collection, named “hysteria” does just that.

Credits are as follows:
Designer- Rebecca Womersley
Lookbook photographer- Kate Rosewell
Makeup- Kasia Postaremczak
Hair- Evelyn Hairstylist London
Styling-Carolina Anzalone and Honor Boston



Bontle T Nonkwelo, Kit Costello, Evangeline Felice, Gracie Cameron Black, Amelia Stentiford, and Meklit Lu

Big thank you to everyone else involved

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