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Kate Rosewell is a 24 year old photographer based in London.

Her work is a love letter to womanhood. Portraying female strength and empowerment is at the forefront of Rosewell’s work, where uplifting and inspiring confidence in others is key.


After Learning the real presence of misogyny in the world, Kate Rosewell began to focus her work on female empowerment. With this, Kate rosewell hopes to bring a unique and inspiring voice to the world of fashion photography and portraiture.


Rosewell has been creating photographs since the age of 16 where she has grown from taking pictures of flowers down her street to meaningful portraits of inspiring individuals. She likes to see the beauty in everything and get lost in a world of story telling and romanticism. The world is a cruel place but Kate Rosewell views her practice as a form of escapism.


Rosewell set out to learn everything there is to know about lighting after studying photography at university, where she felt the education on professional practice was limited. Kate Rosewell has been fascinated by the large scale lighting used in the industry ever since. Being a woman working in lighting has been a learning curve for Rosewell but she aims to make the industry more accessible and approachable for those in the future.


Working with both analogue and digital, Kate Rosewell is excited to keep on creating meaningful and inspiring work.

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