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Words by Eva Oh

"What I think a dominatrix is these days is a lot more complex than when I first began.


When I first had in mind what a dominatrix was, I saw this woman standing tall in leather with a whip in her hand, and that was about it.​ I didn't understand what she did with that whip, even.


But, over time, I've come to understand that maybe it's about power dynamics and how we're trying to negotiate them in the world and how women don't necessarily have as much of a say as they should and so they end up being fetishized when they are assertive.


I kind of feel like a dominatrix archetype has the potential to explore that power that we have been kept away from. But it's also a symptom of the patriarchy in a way as well.


But all that said, I think that it's given me an incredible opportunity to enjoy discovering my power and to play with all the toys."


Talent: Eva Oh

Video and Photo: Kate Rosewell

Styling: Filippo Sandini

Makeup: Bea Sloss

Hair: Jessica William

Styling assistant: Marilena Angelides

Corset and Skirt: Ikonostas Couture

Coat: Oriol Clavell 

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