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Production, lighting and photography by me

Talent - Eva Oh


Assisted by Thomas Walker and Cecelia Kerwin


Bts and Digital operations by Katherine Hopkins

Styling by Filippo Sandini


Hair and Makeup by Natalia C Flores

Words by me, edited by Thomas Walker

Shot at Alva East

Eva Oh began her professional dominatrix career after a previous partner observed the way she communicated and suggested she would be good at it. This was an understatement. With an international career spanning over a decade (and counting), creator of the world’s first online BDSM training platform, writer and host of articles, podcasts, events and videos - it’s Eva’s style of communication that has enabled her to get what she wants out of life. 


As a photographer, I found Eva’s confidence inspiring and something I wanted to portray in my work. Upon undertaking this project, we initially spoke about the power of asking for what you want, Eva said she “always had a strong self-image, however, to be in the position of a female dominant [it is] the reinforcement of that role continuously and getting paid for it [that] has probably elevated [her] assertiveness.” 

Eva told me that through her work she has learned how other people operate, giving the “awareness of how to navigate them” which in turn has allowed her to know how to get what she wants from them. She now worries less about other’s egos when it comes to her needs. 

Sex work does not however come without its’ barriers as Eva describes that “society hasn't created a space to accept [our] own sexuality, and especially women's bodily autonomy very freely.” Advocating for your own pleasure has never been easy against the “old systems of belief.” To go headfirst against society’s expectations of who they want you to be takes courage and power - this is exactly why I 
wanted to photograph Eva Oh. 

Whilst as a society we have come a long way in sex positivity and the acceptance of sex work, Eva still feels she must work hard to “defend” her choice of career when she “just wants to enjoy it”. Despite public criticism and an ever-present taboo around the sex industry, Eva says that “There is no other scenario where [she] feels as much joy at the absurdity and creativity within [her work].” 

I concluded our conversation by asking what we could learn from a professional dominatrix - Eva says, “it's really important to listen before you make a judgement” and that we should all “listen to [our] needs.” Both lessons come down to the societal expectation to act a certain way and want particular things. She expands - “take some time, give yourself some space and listen to what you actually want out of life, out of pleasure and it makes [...] for a more satisfying environment [...] for all of us to coexist in.” 

When I began this project, I wanted to create a body of work that presented the strong power of femininity that Eva Oh possesses. We live in a society that often dictates outdated ideologies of what women should act like and what we should do. As a female working in the Photographic industry, I experience similar struggles with misogyny almost every day and I believe it is important to confront them head-on and run towards what people tell you to avoid. 

Creating a body of work that showcased sex positivity and female confidence has always been something I wanted to achieve. Photographing Eva not only gave me the opportunity to work with such a powerful woman and a leading symbol of feminism but allowed my portraits to create a new commentary on celebrating the sex industry and overcoming the lack of acceptance that women are faced with when pursuing a controversial lifestyle.  


Eva Oh's infectious confidence has allowed me to begin to work towards accepting the validation of my own needs, and I hope that through my work I can inspire others to do the same.

Click here to view extra content, including behind the scenes imagery by Katherine Hopkins.

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